Share in a Good Time.

Kickstarter Update:

When we started our Kickstarter campaign with a stated goal of raising $20,000, we never dreamed that we would get such a fantastic response from our community. This town is ready for Crosstown Beer! Because of your staggering generosity, we shattered our goal and raised $28,235!!!! We're already working hard to figure out how to use that money to bring you world class beer from your hometown as quickly as we can. Please take a minute to subscribe to our mailing list below so that we can keep you updated on our progress as we go along.

Funding Progress

Our Passion


When you eat, sleep, breathe, and drink beer like we do, average just won’t do. Every detail has to be considered. Grain, hops, water and yeast have to be delicately balanced to achieve the desired flavor. We’ve been working on these recipes for years to get them just right.

Now that we’ve got these beers ready to go, we need someone to share them with! Let us bring the exciting flavors we’ve developed to you. At CBC, we know you can find pale, fizzy beer just about anywhere. If you’re like us, though, full bodied and flavorful beer is worth searching for. We’re proud to provide Memphis with a local source for beer that we can all be proud of.


Because we’re from Memphis, we know something that everybody seems to be forgetting. This is a beer town! We’re definitely not perfect, but every inch of this city is real and full of soul. We’re proud of our grit and determination and we want the rest of the world to know it! The Crosstown community is a shining example of what this city can be if we all work together. CBC will always seek to strengthen this community that binds us all together.

The Big Picture

The Guys

It’s no secret that beer brings people together and the founders of CBC have found it to be just that. Will Goodwin and Clark Ortkiese have known each other for most of their lives, but it took the love of beer, specifically home brewing, to turn their shared passion into an obsession.

Will - Will is the more malt oriented of the two. While he feels that all beers deserve respect, he is definitely attracted to the maltier side of the spectrum.

Clark - Clark is our resident hop head. He is intensely interested in the new flavors being made possible by new hop varieties. He can’t wait to use more hops that bring flavors like passion fruit, pineapple, grapefruit, and even mint to the table!

Will and Clark

The Brewery

Located in the newly redeveloped Crosstown neighborhood, our state of the art brewery is another win for Memphis! The building and the neighborhood have been sitting dormant for years, just waiting for the right group of people to come along and save it. The production space will provide quality beer for the people of this city to enjoy and the 2,000 sq. ft tap room will serve as an excellent hub for the residents of the neighborhood and visitors to spend plenty of quality time getting to know each other. The people of this city are at their best when they sit down and put their heads together and our tap room will be the perfect place to facilitate this progress.

Community Involvement

Since its very inception, the Crosstown Concourse has targeted community oriented companies to fill its halls. Companies like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, The Church Health Center and numerous others demonstrate that one of Memphis’s prime strengths is the sense of community that we create for each other. Crosstown Brewing Company is excited to work closely with our neighbors as they help to bring this city together. By helping to create a stronger neighborhood and city, we understand that we’re actually improving the environment that our customers and our own families inhabit.